Here's the 3.5 unofficial release. This one won't be pushed out to the auto-updaters yet because there are a few more changes we want to get into the 'official' version - but for those of you who follow in the forums, you get early access to them. Here's what's new since the 2.X releases:

- Auto Configuring the Aeon Labs Door/Window Sensor (Generation 2) sets it up to wake up and be polled every 12 minutes: great for those missed updates when the sensor doesn't report properly
- The InControl GUI window state is remembered from launch to launch
- You now have the ability to prevent certain devices from showing up on the mobile interface (double click a device and choose "hide on mobile devices")
- Weather Devices: Add a weather device, which contains the following data: Current Temp, Current Precipitation, tomorrow's high & low. Use these devices to key other automation pieces such as "Turn sprinklers off if it's raining" or "Don't turn on the heat if the high is 50+", etc. The weather device shows up automatically, hide it to disable it.
- Scene Triggers/Conditions for easier rule & scheduling setup
- Fixed a bug with moving a device up and down in the scene setup