Airbnb API and lock codes by date

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soopagroove posted this 22 March 2016

I'm using a Kwikset SmartCode 916 Z-wave lock on my airbnb rental, which makes it very convenient for me to just overwrite the previous guest's lock code with a new lock code for the next guest. However, I have to manually change the code on the day that each new guest arrives. There are some locks on the market that use the Airbnb API through subscription services like Nest to automatically set lock codes that are valid for a date range and send them to the guest before they arrive.

The Airbnb API is private, but Airbnb is working with developers of lock hardware and software to help them use the API. It seems to me that the InControl server software could easily support the Airbnb API for locks along with valid date ranges for the user lock codes. Of course, the lock itself can't store the date range, but the InControl server could, and on the day of the guest's arrival, the code could be activated by adding it to the lock, while also removing the previous guest's code. I'm proposing the following:

* InControl software includes Airbnb account setup to link each lock to an Airbnb listing.
* In general software preferences, there is a place to store the Airbnb login (user/password) and display the list of Airbnb listings for the logged in account.
* In the preferences for each lock, there would be a way to link the lock to one of the listings in the Airbnb account. You should be able to link as many locks as you want to each listing.
* Integrate the Airbnb API to sync guest arrival and departure date with InControl Server.
* For each booking, a new user lock code would be randomly generated and stored along with dates of booking.
InControl software controls valid date and time range for user lock codes associated with guest bookings.
** In the software preferences, there is a place to store the time(s) to push updates to the lock. For example, if I expect guests to check out by noon, I could set that as the time to update the user lock codes. At noon each day, any guests checking out would have their code removed while any guests checking in that day would have their code added.

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rscott posted this 22 March 2016

I'm curious what else the AirBnb service provides other than setting/clearing lock codes. Can you shed some light on it?

soopagroove posted this 23 March 2016

You should contact Airbnb for that information. The API is currently private, so I'm not sure about all that it offers. From looking at other doorlock products and services that integrate with it, I know that it is possible to get the booking information for a listing, which would allow InControl to randomly create a user lock code and activate it on the day that a guest arrives and deactivate it on the day the guest leaves. This functionality alone would be a huge InControl selling point for any of the likely hundreds of Airbnb hosts that use Z-Wave (and other) electronic locks.

rscott posted this 31 March 2016

I contacted Airbnb for info on their API. I'm awaiting a response from them - it does look like a pretty nice setup, maybe I'll try to rent out my extra bedroom ;)