Alexia and Old Settings

  • Last Post 21 November 2019
weidnerj posted this 20 November 2019

I just put Alexia and Axial Control back together (haven't used it for a while, was looking to see if that plug in worked with Google), and I noticed that I have a LOT of ghost devices in the Alexia profile connection.  Best way to describe is that every device that I have put on over the years has showed up on Alexia, even though they are long gone.   I am getting pages and pages of ghost devices when I scroll thru the skills.  Any way to purge my old devices?

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rscott posted this 21 November 2019

You could login to and manually forget them. I think you can also remove the skill then ask Amazon to rediscover devices. 

weidnerj posted this 21 November 2019


Yes, that worked.  Thank you.  I removed them all and did a rediscovery.