Automatically lock door

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Robert.Rosal posted this 05 October 2014

Hi all, very new to this software and would like to know how to simply automatically lock my door if my kids forget to lock it.

So in a logic sense.

if door has been unlocked for 15 minutes
Lock the door

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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weidnerj posted this 05 October 2014

I would create a virtual device ( say "VD-door unlock" w/ auto toggle after 900 seconds ), and create a scheme like:

When lock is unlocked turn on "VD-door unlock" This will start the 15 minute timer.

Create a second scheme:

where "VD-door unlock" changes to off to lock the door.

That make sense? If not please let me know and I will try to explain it further.

Robert.Rosal posted this 06 October 2014

Makes sense, I'll give it a shot. I appreciate your response.

Robert.Rosal posted this 06 October 2014

Well I created my Virtual device but my problem now is how do I create the scheme through the software.

I am confused on what to choose, I assume a condition then trigger? I guess I need a step by step instruction to create. I apologize since this is my first time working with the application.

I thought it would something like

If this, then do this. So lost right now.

weidnerj posted this 06 October 2014

Here are screen scrapes. Should be pretty close to what you are trying to do. I use this to turn on my outside lights with motion detection and keep them on for 15 minutes.

VD setup:

Scene start (on door unlock)

Start Devices:

Start Triggers:

Scene stop (15 minutes VD device timer)

Stop Devices:

Stop Triggers:

Let me know if that clears it up for you.

Robert.Rosal posted this 06 October 2014

Here's my trigger I am trying to create.

If you notice on the image it does show a choice of lock or unlock. So what level is unlock?


Robert.Rosal posted this 06 October 2014

Excuse me previous post should say does not show rather than shows.

weidnerj posted this 06 October 2014

Turns off = unlock (or 0) Turns on = lock (or 255)

Easiest way to find that is out is to click on "devices" tab from the main program. Then right of there is a drop down box that has tile or list. Use the list view to see the current status of any of your devices, whether it be 0 or 100 or 255 or anything in between.

Hopefully that helps!

Robert.Rosal posted this 06 October 2014

Thank you very much! With your help, not only did I get a better understaning from you, I actually got it to work!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again!