Clearing Out Logs from Scenes?

  • Last Post 22 July 2017
megalo posted this 14 July 2017

The logs in some of my Scenes have grown to be massive - is there a way to clear out the logs from the database? Or disable logging of scene triggers, etc?

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rscott posted this 14 July 2017

Download the latest version. It clears logs automatically.

megalo posted this 19 July 2017

Awesome, didn't notice that in the release notes.

Semi-related question - I'm moving my Axial install to another PC. Some instructions I found said to copy the files in %ProgramData%\zwave to the new PC.  I noticed the .sdf file in that directory is rather large, as in about 900 MB currently. Any ideas? Is that normal?

rscott posted this 22 July 2017

That's probably a result of your logs. It ideally shouldn't be that big... if the new update didn't shrink it down, you may consider finding a SQL CE editor so you can manually delete logs and compact the db.

For what it's worth, I use this editor