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sgmathews posted this 17 March 2020

I notice there haven't been any updated releases, much posting or update at Google Play in a while. Has this software reached end of life? Ryan? You still out there, friend?

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weidnerj posted this 18 March 2020

Was wondering the same thing.  Recall late last year that there was a push for a standardized home automation protocol, and it wasn't z-wave.  They were going to base it on WIFI, believe the major players all were in it together.  So not sure where z-wave will end up once all is said and done.

nelis249 posted this 22 March 2020

It does seem as though the product has gone stail. Even though the standardization is being pushed as wiednerj stated, it's still awhile before that would happen. It's hard to develope software and make a business out of it. Unless there's a subscription, there just isn't a reoccuring revenue so trying to keep a product a float, especially since Axial at this scale has to have backend servers to do the Alexa/Google intigration which means there's a monthly fee for servers. If you guys that use Alexa/Google notice that it suddenly stops, that might be the servers being taken offline.

Above all else, hope Ryan is alright and nothin happened.

joe6602 posted this 3 weeks ago

I happened on this article this mornng:


It looks like Silicon Labs is taking steps to push the Zwave format forward, but it may be too late.

I'm disappointed that the industry seems to be moving towards WiFi.  If Zwave doesn't catch up, I'll have to abandon my Axial system and move towards WiFi & openHAB, which means installing more WiFi extenders in my house.  openHAB supports Zwave devices, so I could have a hybrid system if I desired.

weidnerj posted this 3 weeks ago


Thank you for the share.  That was the alliance that I was referring to.  I think that Zwave as a radio and as a protocol are dead unless something big really shakes things up.  Bluetooth and Wifi are a pretty well-known standard and for a better term, just work out of the box.  Zwave needs a dedicated controller at a minimum.  I don't know maybe Zwave will join the party and have a hybrid network option but I doubt it. 


Now Silicon Labs realizes that sole source product is ok as long as everyone wants it (such has Apple has done as a company), but when an alliance working together, they will probably profit more because you can by this from one company and that from another and have it all work together seamlessly without the use of a proprietary system such as Wink or even Axial Control.  And as an open standard emerges, older standards tend to disappear such as X-10.


krishkal posted this 2 weeks ago

The fact that Ryan has not chimed in in a while is a bit worrisome. Ryan, do let us all know you are OK!