HTTPS for API calls

  • Last Post 27 April 2016
Plasmon posted this 26 April 2016

Is is possible to implement a secure communication for API call over inthernet. For LAN it's ok but when using from the web it's not interesting to use the API.



If secured I would feel more comfortable to use IFTTT maker channel to call scene from the web:
URL: https://ddns.address:1178/zwave/activateScene
Method: PUT
Content Type: application/json
Body: { "password": "changeme", "sceneName": "Test", "activate": 1 }

Axial combined with IFTTT, would be great if secured.

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rscott posted this 26 April 2016

Thanks, I'll make a note of this request. The tricky part is going to be the certificate since this "web server" is hosted on your home computer, getting one that's signed might be interesting.

Plasmon posted this 27 April 2016

if you have a hostname there is plenny of free options for this: