InControl smart doorbell & controller

  • Last Post 23 August 2014
Ryan-Scott posted this 23 April 2014

Hey all -

As some of you know, we are have partnered up with Nucano to create a smart door bell and z-wave controller. In the coming weeks we'll be launching our very own Kickstarter to raise some funds to get this thing built; in the meantime, we are asking for some help from our loyal users to help raise awareness.

To toss in your support, go to our Facebook page and like it.



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tnamey posted this 23 April 2014

Very interesting. Can you share any details about how this will integrate with IC? Any special features since we are an initial partner?

Ryan-Scott posted this 23 April 2014

Our goal is to make this an InControl replacement for anyone who doesn't want to have to leave a computer on all the time. The door bell will have the ability to run scenes, have triggers/conditions, etc. Plus, with the ability to play your own custom sound, it'll also work as a siren if desired.

InControl will of course continue as it currently is - but this will be an additional option for those who want stand-alone hardware.

tnamey posted this 23 April 2014

Nice. I'm VERY interested to learn more and see a final design. I'm sure you'll let us know when it hits Kickstarter.

llcanada posted this 28 April 2014

Ryan this will be good. Count me in.

wiles.jeremy10 posted this 29 April 2014

This is very interesting, I am very excited to see how this device turns out.

rspoto posted this 17 May 2014

While this is really cool and I'm going to keep my eye on it, I'm disappointed in the lack of a simpler Z-Wave door chime. All I really want right now is a doorbell that can replace my existing wired button and chime box that will go ding and talk with InControl (so I can control the ding and do other stuff). No batteries, no rewiring, just replacement. =/

llcanada posted this 03 August 2014

Ryan is this coming back? I know that it was pull from Kickstarter. What is the status?

pat_csa posted this 23 August 2014

I am very interested in doorbell/controller and curious as to the status. Thanks!