Run Scenes Within Scenes?

  • Last Post 09 June 2017
joe6602 posted this 07 June 2017

I looked and didn't see this capabability or any documentation thereof (other than calling a script within a scene to run another scene).  I am setting up scenes to send HTTP commands to my security cameras to activate/deactivate line crossing detection within the cameras.  I would like to have all of those activates and deactivates for multiple cameras in camera "Activate" and "Deactivate" scenes, which would then be called by scenes that get run at sunset, sunrise, and arm, dearm of the security system.

I know I can put all of those camera HTTP commands in each of the separate scenes, but it gets kind of tedious.

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rscott posted this 08 June 2017

Right now the only option is to create a script that calls another scene. Is that an option that won't work in your scenario? If we had an in-built option to run another scene, would it need to do anything more than simply execute a scene?

joe6602 posted this 08 June 2017

Hi Ryan,

I can do it with scripts.  I was just wondering if it was a capability.  I don't know how much effort it would take, but it might be a good feature to have, as it could make housekeeping of multiple scenes a little easier for folks in some cases.

joe6602 posted this 09 June 2017

If I wanted to do the HTTP PUT commands directly in a script file, what would be the correct syntax?


rscott posted this 09 June 2017

You could do something like this. The "data" will be a string of whatever your target server needs (json, xml, named/value pairs, etc.) Address is likewise a string pointing at your target server.

using(var client = new System.Net.WebClient()) {

joe6602 posted this 09 June 2017

I'll try that.