Scene at state condition

  • Last Post 22 May 2014
wusupwchu posted this 22 May 2014

A Scene at state condition could be useful, as an example, at 10pm daily, turn off all outside lights (condition:"Party" scene = inactive).

Also a timer to deactivate a scene so many minutes after it started.

tnamey posted this 22 May 2014

Sounds like you just need a little more practice with the software.

First you will need to create a virtual device(under plugins at the top) and name it something like "party mode". Have your "party scene" turn that device on or have the party scene triggered when you turn that device on. There are several options.

Create a scene that that is triggered everyday at 10 PM. Add your outside lights in the off position. Set a condition: "Party mode"(device) = 0. That way the scene won't active if you are having a party.

To create a timer within a scene simply add the devices you want to be active. Then add a pause (located in the drop down under add device) for however long you want. You'll then add all the devices [u]again[/u] but in there alternate states. So the scene will turn things on, wait, and turn things off or off to on.

The virtual device feature is very useful. It can help get you around many logic obstacles when programming.