Spurious "Low Battery" warning icon

  • Last Post 25 January 2019
krishkal posted this 25 January 2019

Hi, I have a bunch of GE ZW4101 (Fluorescent light and Applicance module) configured in my network. They all show up and work fine in Axial. HOWEVER, just one of them always shows a "Low Battery" icon (red battery icon with depleted charge). Puzzling thing is, like all ZW4101's, this one has no battery in it!

Is there a reason why this happens, and can anything be done about it? It doesn't seem to affect anything, just an annoyance; but, I am wondering if there is another underlying problem that will eventually bite me.



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rscott posted this 25 January 2019

Hey Kal!

This is indeed puzzling, and it's actually something I've personally seen in my own network over the years. A while ago, I sat down with a z-wave sniffer to see what was up, and it turns out there really is a battery report being received that appears to be coming from the device. 

I chalked it up to a bug somewhere, either in the device itself sending out a battery report when it has no battery or some other device sending it out and the data being confused "in the air" and being interpretted as having come from that non-battery device.

Other than being somewhat annoying, it won't do anything detrimental to your network.


krishkal posted this 25 January 2019

Thanks, good to know it is not just me!

Picking up on your speculation, the unit in question is in the garage, where I also have a battery based garage door sensor in the network. Could it be that the door sensor has a low battery condition? It does not show up as such in the network, but I wonder...