scene trigger groups and condition groups decision logic

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I would like to understand how decision logic is performed between trigger groups and condition groups.

are the trigger groups OR related, meaning the scene is triggered if any group event happens?

are the condition groups directly related to the trigger groups ie: if trigger group 1 happens then condition group 1 MUST be satisfied to activate?

or are the condition groups independent of trigger groups and operate as an OR condition between groups ie: if any condition group is fulfilled, then allow the scene to activate regardless which trigger group event occurs?


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rscott posted this 10 February 2019

Triggers are basically "OR" logic. Any trigger will activate a scene, but only 1 trigger is needed.

However, all conditions must be fulfilled, so you can consider them to be AND logic.

Groups are purely visual; however, you might be on to something about making work in relation with only the other group (i.e, group 1 triggers work in conjunction with group 1 conditions?) posted this 11 February 2019


if condition groups are AND then it defeats the purpose of grouping them since within the group it's AND too. making them OR would really get confusing in my opinion.

tying in the group to the trigger allows for a scene to be activated on multiple triggers based on their related conditions so i would not have to duplicate the scene for each trigger/condition scenario.

IE. i control baseboard heaters around the house on a schedule for different rooms at 5am, 9am, 3pm, 9pm and midnight when the heatpump is turned OFF. when the heatpump is turned ON, i set the baseboards to below the heatpump temperatures and leave them low.

if the outdoor temperature goes below 5 degrees, i want to turn the heatpumps off and start the baseboards according to the time of day.


so each baseboard time setting has 2 triggers:

     the time of day that the temperatures should be set where i set the temperatures if the heatpump is off.

     if the heatpump is turned off, then set the temperatures according to if the time is between x and y.otherwise i would have to wait for a time event to arrive to set the rooms to the appropriate settings.

in my case, the conditions are the same for either trigger, but i duplicated the conditions for 2 groups to make sure.

But you can see the opportunity here....Along with the coding, you would have to also display the groups like you do with triggers.