Virtual Device: Power 'on' from within server or Android result in different levels being set

  • Last Post 25 January 2018
f0ggy987 posted this 23 January 2018


If I power on a virtual device from the server GUI it sets the level of that virtual device to 255.

However if I power on the same virtual device from the Android app it sets the level to 99.

This caused me a bit of a headache to figure out why my scenes were not consistantly firing.

It can be worked around with !=0 or =>99 logic, but that's a bit unnatural and you have to be aware that you need to account for the different levels to begin with.

Also when inputting the level into the conditions tab of a Scene configuration, the window title tells you to "use 100 for on or tripped" which is clearly not correct and could confuse some people.


rscott posted this 25 January 2018

Thanks for the head's up - this should be a fun one to find! :)