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rscott posted this 12 April 2017

We are announcing a major new feature for Axial Server: A brand new Web UI! This Web UI will eventually replace the Desktop UI that you currently use. It'll be responsive -- meaning it will fit on any screen -- and will have a modern design. That's where you come in - please take a moment to vote on the finalists in our design contest. (see below the image for a link)

Before you rush off to vote, there's one thing to note. You'll see that the "detail pane" is missing in most of these designs. That's the small window that currently shows up on the right side of the screen when you click a device. Don't worry though, that information will still be there, but it'll be accessible after clicking a device and will show up as a popup, similar to what you see below:

Ok, ready to go vote on your favorite designs? Here you go: Vote for your favorite Axial Server Web UI





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Dignan17 posted this 14 April 2017

Nice! I voted. I liked a couple of them a great deal. Overall, I only have one requirement: compactness. Some of those themes are WAY too spread out and rely on white space to frame everything. Much like in journalism, white space is your enemy.

If you want a prime example, just look at Vera's UI7. Whoever designed that atrocity just loves swimming in the white space. Some screens in their mobile app let you see no more than one and a half devices on the screen at a time.

Please, don't go that route. I generally thought the more compact UIs looked nicer anyway, with better design aesthetic, but the others, like the image in your thread here, look really nice too, they just need to be tightened up a little. Each device gets way too much space to its self.

jonnysax posted this 14 April 2017

I second Dignan17's comment on compactness.  I cant stand when UI's dont use space efficiently.  ESPECIALLY something like this that is intended to be a dashboard.  

Also, Does this mean this will replace the app on phones?  if so, I've mentioned in the past the ability to change the "mode" of the dashboard to be a kiosk role.  I'm currently using several old phones mounted on the wall as a touch screen control pannel for my home.  It definatly has its issues.  It would be great to see the ability to auto reconnect and avoid pop-up notifications.  It would also be great to be able to customize the arrangement of whats shown on the "kiosk" screen.  

rscott posted this 14 April 2017

Thanks for the comments on the white space. I've asked a few of the designers to trim it up a bit with the goal of seeing more devices on a single screen.

It isn't meant to replace the apps on the phone, though in theory, you could use the web UI instead of the phone app. Be sure to get your wish list in to us for the dashboard display before we get too deep into the coding cycle. You can post on the forums or send us a support ticket.

jonnysax posted this 14 April 2017

Thanks!  I'll start a forum topic so others can chime in on the wish list.  

Dignan17 posted this 15 April 2017

IMO, web apps are no good. It's one of the reasons I went with InControl in the first place over something like Home Assistant. Web apps are so much slower to load. I already dislike how long it takes for the app to connect to the server, I'd hate to have to wait for that AND for the UI to load.

pir8radio posted this 18 April 2017

Any hints on when this will be out?

pir8radio posted this 04 November 2017

Sooooo, what ever happened to the web gui version?

rscott posted this 04 November 2017

It's still happening... I serverly underestimated the amount of work required to get it ready. :)

jalexander319 posted this 09 January 2018

Just saw this. I voted, but probably too late. But it looks like I voted the same as the majority. I would just like to see the use of green and possibly other color indicators (yellow light bulb) to indicate the state of a device incorporated into the popular UI (it was the first one in the list).