Z-UNO and Z- Wave Stick Gen 5 and Axial

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phil.a.bradshaw@gmail.com posted this 4 weeks ago

I have a Z-Stick Gen5 running with Axial control. I have included a Yale lock succesfully and all works fine. But I cannot get a Z-UNO device to include. Any ideas?

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rscott posted this 4 weeks ago

You might try to run an exclude procedure on it first so that it forces it to reset. After that, try to do the include again.

phil.a.bradshaw@gmail.com posted this 4 weeks ago


I finally managed to get all fixed. However as a new person to the Z-Uno and Z-Wave, in general, I think the documentation could be a litte more explantory.

1   The Arduino IDE seems to have to be 1.6.5, is this the case, if so will an update be available to run it on current Arduino IDE's.

2   Whilst I guess its logical now, I found the parameters selected in the Tools section of Arduimo for the Z-UNO only take effect in the Z-UNO afer a new Burn Bootloader command is performed. I suspect that the main issue in not being able to include, was that the Z-UNO by default is probably set to the Russian frequency.

3   Can you explain the dirrenece between No security, S0 and S2.

4   Can you explain the function of Erase NVM.

5   Is the looging feature by the UART0 via the Arduino Serial monitor?

6   If logging by radio please can you explain how this operates?

phil.a.bradshaw@gmail.com posted this 4 weeks ago

Opps most of these comments should actualluy have gone to Z-UNO