Fakro roof windows

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nigel1705 posted this 09 April 2017


I recently purchased and installed two Fakro roof Windows which have Z wave pre installed. I have included them in to the control and they open and close on command. The first problem is that I have only managed to get them to either fully open or fully close but nothing in between, they are configured as blinds.

The second issue is with the supplied remote controls. I have included them in to the Z wave system but I've been unable to make them do anything.

Any ideas on either of these issues would be gratefully received.



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rscott posted this 10 April 2017

Are you saying that Fakro designed the windows to work like blinds? Or that within Axial you've configured them as the "Blind Shade Controller" device type?

Does the manual have any info about how their remotes are supposed to operate -- things such as parameters, command classes, etc. would be helpful.

nigel1705 posted this 11 April 2017

Good afternoon,

Thanks for the quick reply. When I included the windows they defaulted to "Dimmers", but they would only fully open or fully close. I have then changed them to Blinds and they still dont work other than fully opened or closed. The book which came with the windows and the Z-Wzve controller / remote control unfortuantely doesn't list the command classes or parameters. The only information I have found is on the following website :- http://products.z-wavealliance.org/products/105/classes but this didn't help me but may mean something to you.

Thanking you in anticipation,


rscott posted this 13 April 2017

Interestingly, having it setup as a dimmer appears to be the way to go based on the website you referenced. Did dragging the slider to the midway point *not* make the windows open part way?

nigel1705 posted this 16 April 2017

When dragged to the mid point nothing happens. It is only on or off that makes them open or shut.


rscott posted this 17 April 2017

Do you have access to the zentools? If so, you might grab that and see if you can manually send a multilevel set command to see how the windows respond.

nigel1705 posted this 12 May 2017

I have downloaded Zentools and used it to send a multilevel command but the window didn't move. Since trying this I have now found this information on the Smart Things website:-

"So I think I have these finally figured out. The device windows can be controlled with the basic switch function and report status back via the multilevel.

If the window is stationary - the on command starts it opening, and the off starts it closing. If the window is moving, the opposite command stops it, for example, if it is opening the off command stops it moving.

When it is closed, it reports its value as 0, when it is partially open it reports 254 and when it is fully open it reports 255.

I have 3 windows and they all operate at the same speed in a linear fashion, i think it will be possible to open it x% by timing the full extent of the movement and then moving a % of that time."


rscott posted this 20 May 2017

Did you try to use zen tools to send a regular "on" command? I wonder if a regular off through zen will stop it from moving too.