Google Home integration

  • Last Post 09 December 2016
Dignan17 posted this 04 October 2016

I'm really hoping you can add Google Home support to Axial. I'm a Google household, and if I could call out to it from my couch and never have to touch anything, that would make my day!

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rscott posted this 05 October 2016

Looks cool... suppose I need to get one of those pre ordered.

Dignan17 posted this 05 October 2016

I might too. I already use Chromecast Audio in the kitchen.

Dignan17 posted this 05 October 2016

I was sad to see that Smartthings was the only way to control ZWave devices through Home, but I'm not surprised. I have ZERO interest in switching to Smartthings (it's terrible), so I'd like to stick with Axial!   

nelis249 posted this 19 October 2016

I use Alexa. Google makes good products but Alexa has a massive jump start in the voice recognition department and already works with Axial. Perhaps you should try that. The latest Dot is only 50 bucks.

Dignan17 posted this 21 October 2016

I agree that the Echo is a great product, but it's not what I'm looking for. I'm very much in the Google ecosystem, and have several Chromecasts and Chromecast Audio devices around the house already, which the Home will be able to send things to.

Also, I'd argue with the claim that the Echo "has a massive jump start in the voice recognition department." Perhaps in the "voice pickup department." Google is ahead of everyone in the ability to understand what you're saying, and they've been doing it far longer than Amazon has. Amazon just did a great job putting microphones into their device. I'm certain that out of the box the Home will understand more of what you say. It won't tie into as many services, but it'll understand a lot.

Anyway, I don't see any reason not to support all of these devices, since it's silly to limit things to one platform.  

Dignan17 posted this 11 November 2016

I now have a Google Home and it's pretty great. I'm hoping Axial will work with it one day. Pretty please, Ryan?   

wyld posted this 13 November 2016

Got my Google Home last week.  Excited to see if we can get it working with Axial.

wyld posted this 13 November 2016

I wonder if it makes more sense to focus on IFTTT integration since it already has the Google Home hook:

Dignan17 posted this 09 December 2016

Looks like they just opened up Google Home. Hopefully it won't cost $10K like IFTTT. Doubt it.