Pairing with gen5

  • Last Post 03 April 2018
taboeric posted this 03 April 2018

Hi Ryan and other members, I am new to InControl, I have just bought Axial Server Pro and would like to move to a more flexible solution. Myhome is using a number of Philio products and I have problem to pair them to Axial server 4.5 beta (with AeoTec Gen5 USZ), especially the Philio PSR04 (Smart Color Button). The server can detect and create the icon of Wall Controller however it cannot communicate. Anyone knows how to do it?

The C light of the AeoTec Gen5 changes from blue to yellow to red continuously and not sure if it is the reason.

I can find the product specification from however I don't know how to set it up.

Thanks a lot,


rscott posted this 03 April 2018

Hi Eric,

What are you using as your controller for MyHome? If it's different than the gen5 from Aeotec, you'll need to unpair them first from that controller. Optionally, you can add the Aeotec as a secondary controller to your MyHome.