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weidnerj posted this 11 February 2017

I have two Aeon Labs motion detectors right next to each other outside.  Did this to cut down on false positives, and see an article with the solution of running two motion detectors next to each other and creating a rule that if both are active, then less chance of a false positive. I had already turned down the sensitivity of the original motioned detector, and got lots of false positives that would pretty much randumly turn on the front porch light.

Wrote a rule if motion detector 1 (MD1 for short) [trigger] goes off and MD2 is all ready triggered [condition] set to turn on a virtual device that in turn turns on a physical device. 

Believe the issue is that MD1 is going off first, before MD2, so if fails the condition (MD2 has to be already triggered when MD1 triggered).  I know that I can create a 2nd rule to switch the functions of MD1 and MD2 around, so that MD2 triggered when MD1 has already been triggered is an opton, but didn't know if there is another better way to do it.   So it would be almost best to have two "conditions" together (and) instead of a trigger and a condition in this configuration.  Maybe in the future it would be possible to both nested and use and/or commands together instead of having depend on virtual devices so much.


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rscott posted this 11 February 2017

It should work to create two triggers with motion events from either sensor. Also create a condition that both sensors be active.

Either trigger will set off the scene. If MD1 triggers first, it'll check the conditions to see if both MD1 and MD2 are on. Since MD2 is not on, the scene won't execute. If MD2 then triggers, it'll check the conditions again and see that both are on, then trigger the scene. The reverse is true if MD2 triggers first. 

The only potential failure would be if MD1 triggers, then MD2 doesn't trigger before MD1 has "un triggered." Not sure how likely this would be though.



weidnerj posted this 11 February 2017


That worked.  I will keep an eye on it, but no doubt that you suggestion was the answer.