Using Rooms

  • Last Post 22 July 2016
shoffman posted this 27 June 2016

Ok, I have to be doing something wrong...I had this working once and then ended up having to blow away and completely redo my entire network (phantom devices that were no longer reachable and couldn't be deleted by zensys tools) as the delay was killng me.  

So now I'm no longer able to get the occupancy functionality of rooms.  I have the gen5 multi-sensor6 and a single switch in my pantry...the goal being when someone walks in the pantry the light turns on...when there's no motion for a minute..turn off! I don't even really care about the 1 minute timeout...anything less then 8 hours is an improvement over my wife and kids...

So I have only those two devices in the room "Kitchen Pantry" and "occupancy management" checked with a timeout of 1 minute and "Restore Power When Occupied" checked as well.  Both devices have the "Allow Room Manager use" property checked.  When I walk in the room, occupancy is reported to Axial and I can control the switch with the UI and iPhone app...what am I doing wrong?



rscott posted this 22 July 2016

It sounds like you are doing everything properly. I assume you've covered the basics, like verifying that the motion sensor is working and reporting status properly to Axial Server?