Amazon Alexa scene versus device recognition

  • Last Post 18 May 2016
evldave posted this 16 May 2016

I've had my Echo for about a week.  Installed the Incontrol (axial) plugin and have been cleaning up my Scene names to make sure things work as they should.  I already have some feedback and questions:


Alexa appears to be switching between trying to activate a device and activate a scene.  In Axial I have a Scene called 'Turn the garage lights on' and sometimes Alexa tries to activate the scene, sometimes she tries to activate the device 'Turn the garage lights on' 

Is there a clear deliniation between Scene and Device activation?  I don't mind re-naming my scenes and/or devices to allow Alexa to recognize them better

Here are a few scenarios we are testing around the house:

'Alexa tell InControl to lock the Front Door' - Any ideas on labelling the front door lock (currently 'Front Door Lock') or the scene (currently 'Door Locked')

'Alexa tell InControl to turn on the front lights - Device = Front Lights, Scene = 'Turn the Front Lights on'

'Alexa tell InControl to turn the garage lights off - Device = Garage Lights, Scene = 'Turn the garage lights on'

Are these the best way to label things?  Most have a Device and associated scene (On/Off or a warning if things are on at the wrong time of the day).

Thanks in advance!






rscott posted this 18 May 2016

Can you provide the example phrase you use when you attempt to activate the scene itself? 


Alexa, ask InControl to activate the "garage lights" scene