I love that I can add scene widgets to my home screen on Android. It makes things so much faster when I'm not near one of my remotes or wall controllers.

What I really dislike about them, however, is their size. The only option is a 2x1 widget (two spots wide and one spot tall). I just don't understand why they're designed this way. The text on the widgets is small, and doesn't line wrap if it's too long for the widget, even though there's PLENTY of space for two rows of text. Each widget has a scene icon on the left that takes up space.

I really want a 1x1 widget, which should be totally possible. I don't even care if line wrapping is added or not. Just remove the scene icon and shrink the widget down. I currently have an entire screen dedicated to scene widgets, with 10 scenes taking up the space of 20 icons. I'd love to free that space up and be able to fit 10 more icons on that screen, or use the space for more scene widgets!

Also, I don't know how the widgets differ, but is there a way to make the scene widgets behave like the Direct Dial and Direct SMS widgets? I'm able to put those into a folder, so instead of having them all on the home screen I can push them all into a single folder. That would be fantastic. But that might take more work. I have to imagine that it wouldn't be that hard to simply add a 1x1 widget option to the app. Would it?