DEAL ALERT - 15 Smart Home Irrigation Controllers

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rscott posted this 19 August 2017

Hey everyone, I wanted to announce this here before we send out an email compaign about it. We helped Nortek (the GoControler, Linear/Evolve people) test their Smart Irrigation Controller last year, so when they found a box of their beta controllers laying around, they offered them to me at an awesome price as a way to say thanks for the help.

I've got a very limited number of these -- 15 to be exact. They are listed at $40 and will not stick around long. Once these are gone, the price will go back to the regular retail amount $70. 

In Axial, you are able to create and setup multiple schedules with each being able to run at separate days and times. You can also start a schedule if you own an Android device and we will be adding more features to this sprinkler controller -- feel free to post your requests here.

With that said, here's the link: Smart Irrigation Controller


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joey10e posted this 23 August 2017

Hi Ryan,

I am really interested in this. How well does the device work with Axial Control?




rscott posted this 23 August 2017


Here's some information and details about what kind of configuration you can do with the irrigation

I have my controller out in my garden -- quite a ways from my house. To make sure I have good signal to it, I installed an Aeon Labs repeater in an outlet in the corner of my house closesest to the garden. 

joey10e posted this 23 August 2017

Hey Ryan,

that link is not working for me. Can you send another?

rscott posted this 23 August 2017

@joey - sorry about that, edited my post to fix the bad link.

Dignan17 posted this 01 September 2017

Very cool! Now I just need an irrigation system so I can use that 😉 what kind of system does this work with?

rscott posted this 02 September 2017

It's supposed to work with typical residential systems. In my case, I had purchased some Rainbird valves from Home Depot and used those with my controller.