Am I missing something

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sundansx posted this 26 August 2016

Am I missing something?  Is there a list of API calls one can make to Axial service using the C# scripting interface?  A list with some notes about parameters would be nice or a header would even be useful.  I have looked at the limited examples on GIT and postman, but they seem to show a small subset of what I would expect would be available.  thanks.

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rscott posted this 26 August 2016

Here are the most commonly used ones:

If you are wondering about specific ones, let me know and I can provide the needed info.

sundansx posted this 27 August 2016

The example you gave appears to use the web interface with get/put transactions and json structures.  I was thinking more about the service API as shown here.

Are you deprecating the C# service interface for the web one?  Seems that using loopback web access for in-app c# scripting is not ideal, as the script could not take advantage of some of the defined types like "thermostat" in that example.

rscott posted this 29 August 2016

The link you posted actually still uses the same json api to retrieve data; it's just built into a nice wrapper.