Android app missing from the Play Store

  • Last Post 26 October 2023 posted this 16 July 2022

I can no longer find the app in the Google Play Store.  Has the name changed?

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nelis249 posted this 30 July 2022

I dunno for certain but I think this product is dead.

I'm still a fan but I do not use any of the mobile type features so these issues do not impact myself.

weidnerj posted this 07 August 2022

This sucks (for me).  The program worked, but no longer in the apps store.  I did a complete factory reset and no longer there.  Guess paying for the "lifetime" license isn't really that long... posted this 11 October 2023

My Note 9 screen died so I transfered all my apps via my PC but the Axial Mobile would not transfer and I also cannot find it on Playstore

Ryan Please advise

Cheers posted this 11 October 2023

FYI I transferred from a samsung Note nine to a samsung Note nine posted this 26 October 2023

So I searchrd around and got a copy of the app here:

I was able to install it but now I get "Your server host name is invalid" I know its not as i have logged in with the same one before, when I click ok it says"starting up server connection" but no devices shoe up.

Any Ideas, anyone!!