Any chance to support this device?

  • Last Post 13 August 2019
pir8radio posted this 09 August 2019

Any chance you can either create a plugin or a virtual device that can display the results from this API?

The xml results look something like this:

{"device":{"name":"My DeviceName","address":"1234 Windy Road, Some Town, IN 46300, USA","fuelType":"propane","orientation":"horizontal","capacity":250,"status":"deployed","accountId":"","lastReading":{"tank":82.08488,"temperature":87.484,"time":1565293899732,"time_iso":"2019-08-08T19:51:39.732Z"}}}

Need to return the tank (level in percentage), temperature, and time_iso or converted time (of last read)

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pir8radio posted this 09 August 2019

FYI its a fuel tank (propane in my case) level monitor.  So you dont have to run outside in the middle of winter to view the fuel level of the propane tank. 

rscott posted this 13 August 2019

That's interesting actually. I happen to use Propane at my house, now I'm going to run out and see if I have one of those special gauges already. How accurate is it?

Shoot me an email/support ticket and let's talk about how we can get support working for it.

pir8radio posted this 13 August 2019

The devices they sell are out of stock right now. Google generac propane monitor and the rebranded device is available through amazon. I suspect they got into a contract with generac and didn’t realize how it would impact their sales. I’ll email you. You can use my tank utility account info to test the token generation, or you can just have two settings boxes for the plugin “device” and “token” with directions on how to get those generated ourselves.