Any chance we can switch the weather provider?

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NFOtte posted this 21 July 2016

OpenWeatherMaps generates spectacularly terrible forecast data for my area (NW surburbs of Chicago).  Any chance the weather plugin can be changed to use  Like OpenWeatherMaps we'd all need our own API Key, and it's free for up to 1000 requests per day.  API documentation can be found here:

Back to what OpenWeatherMaps is predicting for tomorrow, looking through the response from, it claims:

  • min: 75.3 F
  • max: 79.5 F

When it's going to be close to 95F for the high tomorrow in Chicago. instead tells me:

  • Min: 77.12 F
  • Max: 96.14 F

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rscott posted this 21 July 2016

We've gone through a number of providers now... it just seems none of them can get it right for everyone. :) I'll add it to the list of to-do - if you are a coder, I'd be more than happy to get you started on it. I can even provide the source for the current OpenWeatherMaps plugin.

NFOtte posted this 29 July 2016

I much more of a tinkerer than anything actually resembling a programer (read: I know just enough to be dangerous :D).  Is the OpenWeatherMaps plugin repo on git current?  I can see if I can make anything of it.

rscott posted this 31 July 2016

Yes, here you go:

I'd appreciate you doing a fork and contributing back if you wouldn't mind. Maybe we could even make the same plugin support both weather providers and let the user choose which to use.

jonnysax posted this 15 March 2018

Sorry to bump an old thread, but spring is right around the corner and I want to get my garden watering working properly. Openweather is horrible. I never get accurate precipitation and temp info. Anyone get any other plugins working? Scripts? posted this 30 March 2018

i use wunderground api's that i monitor with a small software and transfer information to virtual devices via incontrolcmd.

 it's also useful to push commands to devices from scripts and external software. posted this 31 January 2019

i see the temperature indicating a large number from time to time, like 235 when it's -12 celcius. it throws off triggers when looking for a condition where a temperature gets warmer to turn on my heat pump.

is there a reason or fix?

should i just throw out temperature readings of over 100 degrees, or make a tight condition range (greater than -12 and less than 0) as a condition when checking temperature?



rscott posted this 01 February 2019

Hey Ron, are these coming to you via the setup you have using incontrolcmd? Or is this coming from our pre-built weather provider?