Beta test the Windows Phone 8 App

  • Last Post 07 May 2013
Ryan-Scott posted this 26 April 2013

If you are interested in beta testing the new Windows Phone 8 app, please send me a private message with your Microsoft ( account.

You'll also need to install version 3.4 of InControl Server.

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llcanada posted this 27 April 2013

Will this work on Window Phone 7 also???

Ryan-Scott posted this 27 April 2013

Will this work on Window Phone 7 also???

At the current time only Windows 8 will be supported in this version.

gallwapa posted this 27 April 2013

Initial feedback: It worked first try. yaa

Feature requests
-Cloud control support (if not on wifi/local network)
-Camera View / Control if possible
-NFC Support (Yes, I know its coming )

Design and layout
Settings button seems larger than the circle. Did you use the stock/provided SDK images?
App title is hard to because it is giant

Password text box should be obscured for design standards (there should be a setting or control for this)
Turning on dimmers only turns to 99% rather than 100. Is there a reason for this?
Frequently upon resuming app fails to contact server. Perhaps a more quiet'refresh' button could be added rather than the exception message box?

I dont have my thermostat installed yet but I tried lock, dimmers, on/off and sensors. All work nicely (hurray!) Thanks!!!!

gallwapa posted this 07 May 2013

Can there be a manual refresh button? On occasion, its hard to know when a refresh has completed. I have a situation now where one light shows on under 'lights' but is not listed under 'powered'.