cannot get device push id

  • Last Post 04 June 2014
Axial-User posted this 02 June 2014

When I try to get the device push id by pressing on the ? the android application crash. I am using the free version of Android Incontrol and server version 3.62 Pro Edition



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monkey-magic posted this 03 June 2014

Works okay on mine:

App ver: 3.0327
Incontrol ver: 3.113.5248.17975

Both paid for app and pro.


Axial-User posted this 03 June 2014

Thank you for the feedback. I still have no luck. The minute I click the ? I get "Unfortunately, InControl HA has stopped"

I tried cleaning the application cache and reconfigure it with no luck. By the way I tried it on my Android tablet and Samsung Note III and both have the same problem.



Axial-User posted this 04 June 2014

I purchased the paid version and it works fine. Looks like there is a bug with the free version