Edit scene name and order

  • Last Post 16 January 2014
Skip posted this 16 January 2014

I can not find a way to edit the name of a scene or change it's order. It would be very helpful for me to lay list the scenes the way I want them and to be able to edit their names.

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SickPup404 posted this 16 January 2014

You can edit scene names by clicking on the desired scene in the list, then in the right side where the Devices/Triggers/Conditions are, edit the name all the way at the top, just above the pre-/post-script boxes.

Looks like mine are organized alphabetically by name, so you could name them to put them in the order you'd like.

Skip posted this 16 January 2014

Thanks a lot, now I'm cookin with Crisco!

Axial-User posted this 16 January 2014

It looks like you have to exit the app and re-start to get the scene list to alphabetize. At least my experience is that once you add a new scene it will not order until you take that action.

It would be nice to be able to put a custom order in, but an enhancement to re-order after adding a new item to the list or changing the name would be a good start.