Feature request - Monitor when windows goes on battery/UPS - POWER FAIL

  • Last Post 23 June 2019
pir8radio posted this 23 May 2019

Hi, can you please add a feature/device to the server to monitor the windows battery/ups.  the WMI can supply info as to when the battery is discharging so that we can have things happen in a power outage.    like email/text us.



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rscott posted this 24 May 2019

Does this work for only laptops? Could it monitor an external UPS?

pir8radio posted this 27 May 2019

I believe it also monitors on UPS’s which would be my goal. On windows if you add a USB UPS it shows up as a battery much like a laptop.

nelis249 posted this 19 June 2019

I would just do this in powershell. In my opinion, this doesn't have anything to do with Axial..


pir8radio posted this 20 June 2019

Sure it does, when the power goes out I want to turn on my generator using a zwave io module,  or automatically start shutting off devices so they dont drain my solar system batteries, or automatically close my battery powered garage door opener while it still has battery just incase the power is out for a long time, and so on..   :-)

nelis249 posted this 23 June 2019

You could still do all of those in powershell. The script would just monitor for the battery event, then when detected, have a time delay to check if power returned, if not then just do a webrequest call to axial to activate a scene. The scene would be configured to shut off the things you described.

Alternatively you could also do this as a virtual plugin in axial through it's scripting interface. Since powershell is underlying calling .NET, I believe it would be very similar in axial. This would then leverage the internal calls for axial to run a scene, versus the webrequest.