Feature Request - Nightly restart of service

  • Last Post 07 January 2018
pir8radio posted this 14 June 2017

Can you please add a feature to restart the Axial zwave service via a schedule?  Maybe once a night at 2am or something would be nice..  I know i can do this with other apps, or a batch file, but it would be nice to have it built in..  Im finding instabilities after a few weeks of running..   As soon as i restart the service all acts as normal..  

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rscott posted this 15 June 2017

I keep my instance running on a small Atom CPU for months at a time and never notice any problems now that I've moved away from my Aeon Labs USB stick. I'm curious, what kind of instabilities are you finding?

Dignan17 posted this 26 June 2017

Woah, what are you using instead of the Zstick? I also have occasional stability problems. The Axial software crashes every now and then for me too.

rscott posted this 26 June 2017

I've been using the GoControl QuickStick combo. I should mention that the orignal black Z-stick was horrible, I could go maybe 2 days on it before it would lock up and break everything. The newer white one was much better for me, but I eventually moved off of it because of "strange" things -- I know that's a bit abstract, but I couldn't ever figure out what was happening so I attributed it to the newer z-stick. 

Can you send us a support ticket the next time you have a crash? Include the applicable windows application event log and the logfile.txt and we can look into what's going on in more depth.



Dignan17 posted this 26 June 2017

Ok will do.

I've had a few "strange things" with my zstick too, but things have been better since I swapped my controller PC out. I don't know how you can run all this on an Atom. I didn't get acceptable speeds since I upgraded to a Core i7 desktop.

sysmg posted this 07 January 2018

I had a white zstick and had stability problems until I upgraded the firmware.  Now it's totally stable.  (you can search for my previous posts to see details)