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rspoto posted this 29 April 2022

I've been getting eMails from google for a while about losing access to apps using "less secure sign-in" technology.  Been ignoring it up until now when I realized it was Axial Control using my Gmail.

I have it send me eMails for various events.  Since there's been no updates to the software in ages, is there any way to continue to use Gmail as my mail sender??  Axial doesn't appear to support OAuth or "sign in with Google".

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rspoto posted this 18 May 2022

Ryan (@rscott) you still out there somewhere?

nelis249 posted this 27 May 2022

Yea have seen Ryan in a really long time (his last post was over a year ago).

A possible workaround to your issue though, you could write a powershell script to interface with gmail. I have not done this, but this link seems like a valid source

Once you get the script working as a test, then you could have Axial kick off the events to call the script. Yea I know this isn't ideal that's why I'm calling it a 'workaround', hehe..