Kwikset user codes

  • Last Post 10 May 2017
Dignan17 posted this 09 May 2017

Why can't user access codes be assigned in Axial? Wink is the same way. Vera let's you assign something like a dozen codes, all from the UI. Why isn't this possible with other controllers? It's much more convenient. My mother is using Vera with three locks. Changing the codes on all the locks is a pain if not through the UI.

This is similar to my annoyance with how the remotes are handled.

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rscott posted this 10 May 2017

You can assign them by right clicking on the lock, then choosing the user codes menu option.

Dignan17 posted this 10 May 2017

SERIOUSLY!? awesome. I'm so sorry for casting aspersions upon Axial. I thought this want possible before... I'll try it out tonight! Thanks.