Mobile App Not Fully Loading

  • Last Post 09 April 2017
tnamey posted this 06 April 2017



I've been noticing a lot lately that the mobile app won't full load.  As in the app will start and show my tabs but none of the information populates and I can't see or control any devices. I restart and still have the same issue. Mostly I just ignore it and it starts working when I try it later but it hasn't been working for the last 3 days at all. Maybe just my setup is affected?





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rscott posted this 06 April 2017


1) Android or iPhone?

2) What color is the lightbulb at the bottom (green, yellow, red)?

3) Do you get any status messages like "unable to connect?" 

4) Is Axial Server connected to the cloud?

tnamey posted this 07 April 2017

1. Android: Pixel

2. The lightbulb in the app? It's white and I can't say I've ever seen it different. Now that I'm looking, it does have a little green dot in the middle.

3. It says "Connected to server" every time.

4. The server says it's online and the cloud has a green check indicating no errors.

rscott posted this 09 April 2017

Ok, the green dot means it's connected. It might be the problem is with your server itself. Is there anything in the logfile that says its having an issue on the cloud server? Worst case, you may just try to reboot - our DNS settings recently changed the location of where the cloud server lived, so it's possible your computer is still using the old one.