Multiple Controllers

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I am thinking about installing a second controller (probably a Raspberry PI with Win 10 and ICHA) in my detached garage in order to get better performance with the garage devices. I have good signal from all of my devices now (except for one Schlage Lock) but there are significant delays in processing commands from the main controller in the house.

What I am looking for is a way to combine all devices under a single GUI (as if all devices were hosted on a single controller). I want to be able to run all devices and scenes under a common interface - similar to what the AltUI plug-in allows in Vera.

Is there something that ICHA offers along these lines?

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sundansx posted this 16 July 2016

I second this request, but we just need 1 windows axial controller to act act as a secondary controller.  The above info has some problems in that the current axial servier app will not run on an ARM based Windows OS.  However, the current server app would run fine on a intel compute stick or asus vivo stick (of which I have).  The old bay trail intel compute sticks have been going for as low as $50 lately.

rscott posted this 21 July 2016

In the scenario described, does the secondary computer end up being it's own z-wave network? Or just an secondary controller for the main network?