NEST Thermostat not right

  • Last Post 18 April 2017
pir8radio posted this 15 April 2017

So the nest thermostat plugin doesnt display modes correctly..  Like "ECO" shows as "OFF" in axial.  Also doesnt show when "humidifing" or "Fan Running".     Heat and Cool shows 0 degrees all the time (image attached shows me in eco mode, with heat set to 68 and cool set to 82). 


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rscott posted this 17 April 2017

I'm curious what happens if you set it to "cool" or "heat" ?

pir8radio posted this 18 April 2017

That does work properly, when setting to "cool" or "heat" even "auto" works  but "eco" no love(i am in Auto 99% of the time).  Maybe the "eco" could also act as AUTO it has a heat and cool setting at the same time.  Maybe you cant read those values?  At least some kind of "eco" feed back would be neat.