Nexia Z-wave Doorbell Sensor

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joey10e posted this 09 October 2017

Hi Everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone has tried this doorbell sensor. I read the reviews and it looks like it works with Samsungs Smarthings hub, but does not work with Vera. If anyone knows it this works with Axial Control I would greatly appreciate the info. The only thing I am looking for this to do is work as binary sensor when my existing wired doorbell is pressed.


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rscott posted this 10 October 2017

My guess is it should work, especially if it's just the binary sensor part. If not, just contact us with some info (we'll let you know what to give us) and we can generally get you an update with the correct compatibility.

nelis249 posted this 21 October 2017

I haven't read a lot into it but I have Trane thermostats for my air conditioners witch implements 'Nexia'. They seem to use some propritary zwave behind it. I've not been able to connect it to anything else. From what I read there's an nexia bridge of some sort but I never got into it.

joey10e posted this 23 October 2017

I thought I read something about the propritary zwave as well and that is why I wanted to ask. If I decide to roll the dice on this I will let everyone know if it works.

rscott posted this 23 October 2017

I've used other nexia devices as long as they are powered by zwave. If they use zigbee, you'll run into issues.

Last I heard, there was no such thing as proprietary zwave because the protocol is controlled by a single entity and they don't allow custom code.

nelis249 posted this 26 October 2017

Yea proprietary is probably the wrong word.  Here's a product example: here

The explicit words are:

Z-Wave certified for use with Nexia

*Requires the Nexia Bridge for connection to Nexia

In that statement they are using Zwave yet it's locked strictly to their bridge device. Yea not prorietary but still locked in some fashion. Perhaps in the pairing process they check to determine if the connecting device is their nexia bridge, if not, don't connect. I'm not exactly sure why they do that other than to force you to use their products (aka the bridge). I've tried numerous times to pair it to the zwave stick with no success. Perhaps other nexia devices work differently.


Also, it's amazon, give it a try, if not compatible send it back :)

rscott posted this 26 October 2017

If they forcing people to use their Nexia bridge, then they are probalby in breach of the z-wave agreement they signed with Sigma that states they need to stick with a given protocol so any 3rd party controller can use the device.

Which device are you talking about being unable to pair? Did you go through the standards of excluding it first to reset it, then doing the add? I assume it's the thermostat you mentioned - can you send me a link to it?

nelis249 posted this 27 October 2017

 The thermostat I have is the XL850 here. I can try to do a pairing again. I know more about zwave now than I did back when I first got the thermostat. Not sure what you mean by 'excluding' it though.  The manual is here. Looking at the zwave section it seems like maybe the thermostat I have activates itself as a hub when connected to Nexia. Maybe it's just not a device. Though it still doesn't explain the other thermostat I posted before which also says it only works with the nexia bridge. 

Eh I'm not worrying about it. I've been slowly writing a plugin. I just haven't finished reverse engineering their phone app to get the API calls. There's smart things code here that scraps the nexia web page but I've done that before with other things and frankly, it's hacky as they can change their site at will. Typically web API calls will be in json with some structured format that can be read and seperates from the presentation layer which allows the user interface to change without changing the underlying data format. Thats the part I'm after and I've pinged nexia support a long time ago and they said there's no open API. That may be true but there's gotta be an API in there for their phone app, just gotta figure it out :).

weidnerj posted this 27 October 2017

Excluding it means to use the ZWAVE protocol to remove a device from a ZWAVE network.  Once a device has been paried, it is locked until it is excluded.  You can do that within Axial Control by hitting the remove device button and then on the device put it in pairing mode, or I usually take my ZWAVE USB device and hit the button twice where it flashes faster than include mode (include mode is just one press of the button) to go in to exclude mode - where I then put the device into pairing mode and the light will flash acknowleging the exclusion.  And any ZWAVE controller can exclude another ZWAVE device, even if they are not part of the same ZWAVE network.   Think of a ZWAVE exclusion as a reset of the device so that it can be included by another network.

MadSci posted this 2 weeks ago

just picked up one. paired ok but i cant get a response yet. any luck Joey?

joey10e posted this 2 weeks ago

I have not got one yet but I'm guessing rscott will be able to help you get it working. I am realy excited to here if it works for you. I will really want to get one if it does.

rscott posted this 2 weeks ago

Yes, Happy to help get it going for you @MadSci. The easiest way to go about it would be for to you enable the audits for that device then operate it a few times, then look in the logfile.txt to see what kind of commands its sending. I would recommend creating a new forum thread for each device, then posting the logs (please use something like a Github Gist to hold the contents, then link it in the post).