I've been using the Hue plugin for a month or so now and have been having a difficult time configuring scenes consistantly and just overall usage. Attached a screen shot of axial for the following questions.

1)  The device GUI shows the color wheel and you can select different colors. The problem is I cannot see the RGB values of whatever color is currently set. In an attempt to try to transpose a color to use in a scene is almost impossible. I've spent quite some time trying to get the color correct but the scene 'color wheel' is tiny it cannot be done. Having the RGB values displayed on the main GUI is a must have please.

2) I'm not understanding the slider on the main GUI by the control and the B brightness slider. Is there a difference because changing the B brightness slider makes the bulb sort of mess up. If I dim the bulb with the slider on the control, then change the brightness slider, the bulb goes full brightness and sometimes flickers.

3) If the slider on the control itself is the 'dim' slider, it doesn't register properly. I have all the bulbs at 50% and the sliders sit at full, even with a force poll. I've even dimmed the bulb with axial, then force polled and the slider goes right back to full with the bulb staying dimmed.

4) Configuring the bulbs on scenes and not seeing any dim setting, just the B birghtness again which doesn't seem to do it. Not sure how to set the dimness fo these.

Any help would be appreciated.