Pushalot Support

  • Last Post 24 November 2015
brett.e.baldin@gmail.com posted this 24 November 2015

Would love to see push notification support for Windows Phone via the Pushalot API (https://pushalot.com/). There doesn't currently seem to be a way to push notifications in the ICHA Windows Phone app. I can work around for now by using an SMTP relay to the Pushalot e-mail address but a native service would be even better.

Vera Alerts is a multiple source plugin that allows push notifications to a variety of cross platform apps like Pushalot for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Would something like that be possible for ICHA?

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rscott posted this 24 November 2015

Why go with a 3rd party API as opposed to a native implementation using the Windows-proper notifications?

brett.e.baldin@gmail.com posted this 24 November 2015

So far I haven't been able to figure out how to make the Windows notifications work with my phone. Is there a way to set up the push device on the Windows Phone for ICHA or is it strictly for android at this time?