Remote button assignments

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Dignan17 posted this 21 December 2015

I'm thrilled that Inctontrol supports the Aeon Labs minimotes and the Enerwave 7-button scene controller. I'm also thrilled that the minimote has full support for all eight potential button assignments. That's fantastic.


The process of assigning these buttons is a little...odd. At the moment I have to go to the scene I want to assign to the controller(s), click on "assign activation button," then tap the button I want to program. Then I move on to the next scene or button.

This has two problems:

1) I have to go to each remote or controller one at a time to go through the programming.

2) When I'm done, there's no way for me to see what scenes are assign to what button on which remotes.

I don't like that I have no way to get that info, and I'd rather program from the server rather than go to the remote. Is that possible? I'd love some screen, possibly from the devices list, that lists programmable buttons and lets me assign a scene to each.

I don't know if this is possible, but it would be fantastic.

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I found that the easiest way to deal with these controllers is to remove them from the wall and bring them to the computer. I made up a pigtail cord with Wagner lever nut quick connectors to use for this task. I also use the lever nuts in the wall to facilitate a quick removal and replacement. The exclude / include never works correctly for me on these so I always have to pull them from the wall anyway whenever one has to be reprogrammed.

Dignan17 posted this 23 December 2015

That's not the big problem, and not the kind of remotes I'm talking about. I have two wall-mounted controllers, but my server is a laptop so it's easy to just bring the server to the controller instead of the other way around.

No, I'm talking about the Aeon Labs Minimotes that I mentioned in my post. These are tiny battery powered remote controls that I have scattered around my home to control scenes. I believe I have a total of six of those, and going around the house to gather them up and bring them to the server to be configured also isn't the biggest problem I have, though it is annoying and means that I have to label each one so I don't get them mixed up.

I'm more concerned about the programming side of things. I don't like that once I've fully configured a remote, there's no way whatsoever to see that represented in the software. It's a UI issue. I have 8 controllers around my home, and no way to see what scenes are programmed to what buttons. Even worse, I have no way to change those on the fly. I'd love to go into the UI and say "nah, I don't really run that scene from that remote like I thought I would, lets make that button run THIS scene instead."

Bringing the remotes to the server is a minor annoyance. Not having enough information or control is a big annoyance.