Scene Stops Checking for Trigger

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joey10e posted this 5 weeks ago

Hi Everyone,

I have a scene that is acting as my home security alarm and I am having some trouble with it. The scene is set up to trigger every 30 seconds with a condition for a virtual device at the on state for 45 seconds. This scene is set to turn on my siren. This setup works great and then for some reason after a while it just stops triggering. The only way to fix this seems to be to create a new scene and delete the old one. Does anyone have any ideas to have a more reliable alarm setup?



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rscott posted this 5 weeks ago

What are the triggers and the conditions for your scene? Can you go to tools/options and set the item to "log extra scene data" - then, watch your logfile.txt to see what it says is going on with your scene when it stops working.

MadSci posted this 5 weeks ago

This is probably a case of the scene log jamming up the works, yeah? He is triggering the scene every 30 seconds. I believe I had a similar issue and you made a version with a truncating scene log.

joey10e posted this 4 weeks ago

I have turned on the "log extra scene data" so I guess I will have to wait until the scene stops triggering again.

rscott posted this 4 weeks ago

You may also go snag the latest update as well, just in case it is as MadSci suggests and is an issue with too much logging.