Script to set door lock codes

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tygerr posted this 09 October 2016


I have a Kwikset 910/912 door lock set up in Axial. Everything is working perfectly (lock, unlock, send status), and I can change the programmable keypad access codes via the 'Setup Lock Codes...' option on the device drop-down.

What I wanted to find out is whether it's possible to automatically change lock codes at a set interval using time triggers in a scene? In other words, how do you send/remove lock codes from a scene/trigger?

Is this possible in Axial?

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rscott posted this 11 October 2016

It's possible to set a user code using a script. You can use the script as part of the pre or post in the scene execution. Here's an example:

Please remember that if you are changing scripts, you'll have to go offline/online to re-load it from disk.

tygerr posted this 12 October 2016

Thanks. That worked perfectly.

Is there somewhere that has all the commands and properties available to all the devices listed?

rscott posted this 12 October 2016

That link has the most comprehensive list of available commands. There are more of course, but they haven't been updated yet. If you have a need for something in particular, let me know and I'll update that doc with the details.