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  • Last Post 20 June 2017
joey10e posted this 13 June 2017

I recently setup Axial to work as my Security system by following this guide.  Everything is working great but I was wondring if there is anyway to have a grace period to dissarm the alarm like a more traditional alarm system. I am also trying to use my Kwikset door code as a virtual device to dissarm the alarm which works but the alarm still sounds because there is not enough time between the code being entered and the door opening so the alarm goes off but is then dissarmed. Any ideas would be very appreciated.


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jonnysax posted this 14 June 2017

I had a hard time with this as well and here is how i aproached it... first thing you could try is using the geofencing capability, I've found its not very accurate/consistant though, but if you can get it working for you, great!  

The current way i do mine is, I first looked at the "most likely" break in spots for my house.  For me, its my back door.  Luckily, this is not my usual daily entrance.  Then I also look at the least likely break in spots.  My garage door and my front door would be very difficult to break in to, so I use those as my disarming.  If my deadbolt on my front door is unlocked, it turns off the security system.  if someone kicks in my door, it will still be armed and the alarm will sound.  If I open my garage door, it deactivates my system.  if someone somehow smashes through my glass block windows and gets into the garage and opens the basement door, the alarm will sound.  

now, what I'd LOVE to see built into this software is the capability to check the status of a device during the sequence of a scene.  for example:

Door opened during armed status --> Alarm scene activated (delayed alarm) --> you enter house and push a button to deactivate armed status --> Alarm scene checks status of ARMED status after a delay, if false, alarm does not sound, if true, alarm sounds.  


rscott posted this 15 June 2017

You could use a virtual device for this. Instead of turning on the alarm with your alarm scene, turn on your virtual device, then setup a new scene that runs every few seconds and checks if the virtual devices has been on for more than 30 seconds and if so, it turns on the siren. Set a condition in the new scene to also check the state of your "Armed" device as well.

This setup would let you trigger motion or a door open and would stil give you 30 seconds to disable the alarm before it sounded the siren.

joey10e posted this 15 June 2017

Thanks for your help. I am going to try the virtual device and the "State Condition for Time Condition". I will let you know how that works for me. I wish I could use the geofencing capability but my wife and I both use dumb Iphones and I don't think it works with Iphones.

joey10e posted this 19 June 2017

So I am still having a little trouble with this. I setup a virtual device to turn on when the alarm scene is triggered by something like the front door opening. I have an additional scene configured to execute and turn on the siren when the virtual device turns on, with a condition stating that the virtual device must be on for 45 seconds. I have tested this and it is now not turning on the siren. Looking at the logs of the scene it seems like the scene looks at the condition when the virtual device is triggered and aborts becuase the condition is not met, but then it does not check again. 

On a side note would something like this device be able to work with Axial for security?


rscott posted this 20 June 2017

The trigger for that new scene should be a repeating time trigger. Try repeating every one or two seconds and see if that helps.

joey10e posted this 20 June 2017

Thanks Ryan, that was it. now everything seems to be working great.