See Front Door Cam on My Fire TV

  • Last Post 11 April 2017
joey10e posted this 21 March 2017

I am trying to find a way to have either an immage or video pop up on my Amazon fire tv when my zwave Doorbell is pressed. Currently I get a text and an email when the Doorbell is pressed. I have found and installed an app on the fire tv that will show notifications on the fire tv but it does not display the immage in the email. I have been resaerching different ways to achieve this and have come accross some different ideas. One is to utilize Tasker (which I have never used) to launch the tinycams(IP Cam Viewer) app on the fire tv. Another idea was to manipulate the html of the email to force the immage into the preview. Has anyone else done anything simalar? I would love any suggestions.  

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rscott posted this 11 April 2017

When using Tasker, how does your research say you need to load that app on the fire tv?

joey10e posted this 11 April 2017

I followed the instructions from this guide.

and this to sideload the app.

rscott posted this 11 April 2017

Oh, ok you would need to install it on your FireTV. I was thinking there was a way to use your phone and push the notification to your FireTV, but it doesn't look like that's the case.