I recently ran into a problem where Windows would no longer update.  I tried all of the solutions I could find via Google search to no avail.  Consequently, I decided to take a spare HD, reload Windows, reload Axial, etc. to get beyond the update problem.  That was successful.

The problem I am having is that, in my new build, my email password does not seem to work.  I know it is my current email password, but it fails the test email every time.  Looking at the password on the new system, there are 12 dots, which represent the number of characters in my email password.  Looking at my older working system, there are 16 dots, and I cannot fathom why, as the password is only 12 characters long.  This password works, though, so I am really stumped.  I wish there were a way to see the passwords, becaus this would solve my problem.

Does anyone have any ideas?