Version 2 mobile apps?

  • Last Post 18 April 2017
Dignan17 posted this 14 April 2017

I was just working on some of the settings for my server and was adding a password so I could do multi-user access. When I went to add it, I got this message:

"Please note that version 2 mobile apps for Android and iPhone will not function properly when Requires Password is checked."

What does that mean? What is a version 2 mobile app? For that matter, why are there two apps on the Play Store, with very little difference in them? And why does the app with the higher version number only include update notes for a lower version?

Come on, Axial, tighten things up a little...

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rscott posted this 17 April 2017

There's a version 2 of the app that a few people still use. You are likely not using it if you downloaded it from the Play store though.

Dignan17 posted this 18 April 2017

Ah. I see. So why the two apps in the Play Store?

Is the server password superceeded by the passwords in the multi-user plugin?

rscott posted this 18 April 2017

There are still two out there. Is there one you aren't seeing? 

Axial Control (free)

Axial Control (Paid)

Dignan17 posted this 18 April 2017

Ah, that must have been my confusion. Once you pay and install the paid version, I don't think there's anything that differentiates the two apps in their name, description, or release notes.