Aeotec WallMote

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tnamey posted this 28 June 2016

Ryan do you have an inside track on when this might be released?  I'm very interested in one and would be more then happy to let you have first crack at mine for testing.

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rscott posted this 22 July 2016

I don't know - looks like a cool device though. I've asked my "inside" people in the past when they expect releases and 100% of the time, Aeotec has missed the expected release date. In short, I don't bother anymore because the info is always wrong. :)


tnamey posted this 23 February 2017

Alright this puppy is out! How do I send you one for testing or maybe you'll want your own?

rscott posted this 24 February 2017

You may try it first to verify it needs worked on. If they implemented it using existing commands, it should just work out of the box. If you have problems, toss me a PM and I can get you some info about where to send one for testing purposes.

Dignan17 posted this 25 February 2017

Wow! That's a really cool remote. I could see using that in several places. How much did it cost? It's out of stock at the moment...

Ryan, would Axial be able to understand the swiping actions too? It seems like this thing could have a pretty big number of gestures and taps, which would make my suggestion of being able to set these in the software even more necessary. I hope something is done about that.

jonnysax posted this 06 March 2017

any reviews on how well this works? I'm interested in using this to arm/disarm security system fromt he bedroom.  

Dignan17 posted this 21 April 2017

I just got this yesterday and just set it up today.

First impressions are VERY good. It's solidly built for such a tiny little thing. It has a super thin backplate that comes off and mounts to the wall with pre-installed tape. I'm not certain how easy it'll be to remove in the future, but my experience with 3M Command strips (not what this is - different 3M product) is that 30 seconds with a hairdryer and a piece of floss can do the trick.

Anyway, I charged the wallmote up and included it with my controller. The wallmote basically acts like the minimotes, if you've used those before. You assign an activation button to a scene by clicking "assign activation button" in the scene and tapping the button you want on the wallmote.

***RANT*** BTW, I can't stress how much I wish Axial could at least show me which buttons were associated with each scene, and at most allow me to change them in the software rather than to it one remote/button at a time. ***END RANT***

Once the buttons are assigned, tapping them just activates the scene, exactly like I wanted.

I ended up adjusting the two parameters that you get in the book because I disliked the beep response and I decided to extend the battery life by disabling the vibration response. The only other response you get from a button press is the LED cross lights up blue.

There's another fun thing this remote can do. It can control and dim individual devices through association groups. Now, as far as I can tell this is an either/or situation. You can either activate a scene with a button OR you can associate a device. I tried adding an association to a button that already triggered a scene and Axial/device/wallmote got really confused. It kept dimming the light but also placing it a the scene's dim level.

But if you can mix and match the buttons. Some can activate scenes and others can control individual devices. What I'm not certain about is whether each button can control on/off AND dim the same light. I get the sense it's either/or there too.

Anyway, I haven't mounted this wallmote yet but I will this weekend. It's a good wall controller and I see myself adding many more of these around the house.

- slim and sleek, very nice looking
- easy to remove and charge and put back
- lots of customization with the buttons

- glossy surface is going to collect fingerprints
- can't do scene and dim on same button
- I kind of wish the buttons were tactile instead of capacitive so I don't accidentally tap the wrong one while the lights are out

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jonnysax posted this 21 April 2017

Thanks for the review!  I'm considering them.  when you get some usage with it, let us know how long these can go between charges.  

Dignan17 posted this 02 May 2017

Well, early signs aren't good in that regard. I don't know what's going on with my unit, but I'm getting about a week of charge. That doesn't seem normal. There's no way I'm going to install this on my wall if I have to charge it weekly, and certainly no way that I'll get additional ones.

I don't know, maybe I set it up wrong in the first place? I might have to call Aeon Labs to find out. Of course, they'll give me their usual line where they blame the controller.

Dignan17 posted this 02 May 2017

I should add that I've used the wallmote very little. Maybe a couple button presses a day. I don't expect to have much more than that when it's installed.

I have at least 6 Aeon Labs minimotes and they all last MUCH longer than the wallmote.

jonnysax posted this 02 May 2017

Well thats disapointing... I was worried I did all this work with my wall mount old phones for nothing.  I'd much rather have a permanent option like that vs charging something weekly.  

A thought... Do they work while plugged in? if so, I guess mounting it to a wall while plugged in would be an option if you dont mind wires.  

Dignan17 posted this 03 May 2017

They do work when plugged in, but the light stays on. I don't know if that specific behavior is adjustable in the parameters or not. I don't see an LED parameter at all in the instructions. I've disabled the beep and vibration feedback parameters, which I would have thought would give me even more battery life.

It's the kind of battery life that makes me wonder if I'm doing something wrong, or if my unit is defective. I really feel like it should be longer...

rscott posted this 03 May 2017

It may not be applicable to this device, but you may check to see if it helps to disable polling.

Dignan17 posted this 09 May 2017

Thanks Ryan. Aeotec gave me instructions to update the firmware (not simple), so we'll see if that fixes it.

Dignan17 posted this 26 June 2017

Update: I don't like it.

I have two main complaints. The first is that I had to go through a pretty annoying process to update the firmware so the battery wouldn't run out in under a week

The bigger problem is the capacitive buttons. I had bought these to put next to switch plates in a few rooms. I liked the idea of having a remote right at the entrance of a room, and not have to find a minimote that might have been moved by someone else. But finding the correct button to press when you enter a dark room is nearly impossible. You could run your hand down the wall and make sure you approach the buttons from one corner, but I don't need that challenge every time I walk into my bedroom at night. It's easy to find the right button on a minimote without looking and without activating the wrong scene. Not so much with the wallmotes.

I'm not sure what I'll do with the one I have already. I can't really think of anywhere to put it that would work.

rune.espensen posted this 23 March 2021


Just got these - which device should I select? It defaults to "Controller" but no matter what I do I can only see sceneselect 1 & 2 (single tap on either of the two buttons).... not all 8 functions it can do,,,, Any help appreciated :)