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jonnysax posted this 28 February 2018

I was considering buying and installing one of these new Ring spotlight cameras... And then I thought, why the heck should I buy into ANOTHER environment... I have a zwave motion detector and a zwave light switch already installed, why not just get a camera. So I'm looking for camera suggestions. What works well? How do you have it configured? Thanks!

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MadSci posted this 01 March 2018

I'm in the same boat more or less. I want to mount a camera where I have a motion flood light. Any generic IP camera will work with Axial but for recording purposes I was considering buying separate software like Iris with the idea that I might add a camera or two elsewhere around the homestead. I'm probably going to suck it up and run cat5 to the camera for reliability since I already have to run power to it. HKVision cameras seem like a solid option if you have the coin; that's probably what I'll end up getting. Otherwise, you could try a decent wirelss outdoor camera and run cable later if the signal sucks. The Ring spotlight doesn't have great reviews and people have had difficulty with getting it to connect to the wifi. I suppose it all depends, but even then, I don't want to rely on cloud services.   

joey10e posted this 01 March 2018

I am currently using Foscam Ip cameras and I have a few different models. I chose Foscam because at the time I felt like they were the easiest to integrate with Axial Control. I have considered switching to Armcrest cams because I have read that they are the U.S. version of Foscam. The cameras work great and I have several scenes setup to snap a picure and send it to be when there is a specific trigger set off. I am also running Blue Iris software as well for 24/7 motion detection recording.

millje posted this 03 March 2018

I am having problems trying to find the correct Jpeg or Mjpeg URL for my Hikvision Dome cameras that will work with Incontrol.

I have tried differnt URL formatts that work in the web browser and return both still picture and live video but when I enter them in Incontrol all I get are erorrs.

I have several Foscam cameras that work within Incontrol

I have not found very much help posted in the forums, does anyone have any ideas?

rscott posted this 03 March 2018

When you visit your camera at that URL from a browser that has never been there before, does it prompt you for a username of some sort (what does the prompt look like -- attach screen shot if possible)? Does your URL include a username & password to bypass that prompt?

millje posted this 04 March 2018

So it was an issue with Authentication.  I finally was able to get a url for Blue Iris to work in with incontrol.  Now I have trouble adding more than one camera.

The two urls I am using are and

When I try to add the second camera with and  I click add camera and I get the green at the bottom of the window and the window closes but the second camera is not added to the devices.

I tried adding it seval times with the same results.

I have other Foscam Cameras working Incontol but I can only get one of my Hikvision cameras to work.


rscott posted this 06 March 2018

Have you tried with http:// in front of the URLs? Does anything show up in the logfile about a problem with the camera when you try to add a new one?

millje posted this 07 March 2018

Sorry I was using http:// not www. on those commands.  My typo, I edited the post.  I tried adding the camera again and then checked the log file and there is nothing in the log file.  And the camera is not added in the device list.

millje posted this 09 March 2018

Is there a limit on the number of cameras you can add to the Pro version?  I have four now and cant seem to get any more added

rscott posted this 09 March 2018

There's no limit to how many cameras can be added, but different editions of the software have limits. The free allows 10 devices while the Standard edition is limited to 20 devices. Pro is unlimited. Are you running into that limit by chance?

millje posted this 18 March 2018

No I am running Pro.  Version 4.1.6325.20458

joe6602 posted this 20 March 2018

What model of Hikvision cameras are you using?

millje posted this 20 March 2018


joe6602 posted this 22 March 2018

And the above URLs work on the 2132s?  I can't get mine to work in Axial.

MadSci posted this 04 April 2018

How do you get Axial to email a picture (or video) from the IP Camera as part of a scene?