FR - User based privileges

  • Last Post 16 July 2018
pir8radio posted this 20 June 2018

I came across a need for user based privileges.  For example User1 can see and operate only door locks in their app.  And the server logged that users locks and unlocks of the doors..   For example maybe i want the dog walker to be able to unlock my front door only, and i want to set alerts when that specific user unlocks a door.  

Or if i had the money for a house cleaner, which i need, it would be the same thing, User2, i want to be able to unlock any door, open/close the garage door, and turn on any lights, but not operate my pool pump, curtains, or any other device.  The house cleaner is my sister in law, so I don't need to be alerted or log her usage. 

Things like that.   Thoughts?

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jonnysax posted this 21 June 2018

I was thinking about this when I set up my security and my z-wave locks.  Instead of giving other users access to the app, it may be more feasable to set up scenes in response to a specific code entered into the deadbolt.  I can set other user/guest codes through Axial, but i cant figure out how to activate specific responses to those triggers.  if we had the ability to do that, it would be easy to create a scene that gave limited access to house functions or alerted us if specific doors were opened, kinda like a partial armed status.  This would work great if we had a cleaning service... but what about house guests or family?  personally I've been trying to tweak Amazon bluprints on my echos to help with that.  

rscott posted this 16 July 2018

Wouldn't the multi user plugin work for this? You can use it to assign certain devices to a password, then use that as a "server password" from your phone or device and it'll be limited to whatever devices you assigned that password.